Internet Speed Test

How fast is my internet?

Below you can find out how fast your internet connection is. With the results you'll be able to determine what is your broadband capacity and speed. The results include download speed, upload speed and latency.

  • Download speed: Refers to the speed resources travel on the Internet from a given website or service to your computer. Includes music, video, streaming, photos, loading a website...
  • Upload speed: Opposite to Download Speed. Refers to the speed resources travel from your computer to a website or service on the internet.
  • Latency or Ping Rate: Consists on the delay in receiving or transfering packages on the internet. The higher the worse. This means you'll experience a slow connection. 20-30ms is the sweetspot for smooth websurfing or gaming.

What can affect my Internet connection

There are several issues responsible for a slow Internet connection. The first is the type of connection you have (cable or DSL) and your broadband connection. Several users using the same router at the same time might cause high latency and delay. Your computer age and consequently your WiFi card can also play a big part in this respect.